Thoughts on Voting (March 2020)

It’s voting season, not hunting season.

Can you feel it in the air?  SSshh! Be very very quiet! Politicians are hunting for votes…

There has never been a crucial decision to vote in 2020.  This year is a pivotal year where a vote should count to improve every person in the United States. It’s amazing how we can hear from candidates when they are searching for votes to keep them in their office positions. Most working Americans are required to go through a year performance review unlike politicians who maintain their office positions as de facto and rely on political advertisements or propaganda to be re-elected.

Since 2016, we have had major events occur from climate change to educational loans. We hear politicians go after the “people’s agenda.” What does that truly mean? Somehow along their tenure in office the agenda continue to stay on the board and never sees its completion.  The typical response seems to be complicated and often intertwined with other matter in the hopes people can be corralled like livestock and provide a unanimous “yes” to get a vote.

We’ve become a country of colors, blue or red, with some type of interpretation of governing principles of which this country was founded. Politicians have limited their vocabulary to socialism, communism, and capitalism in order to confuse certain people and change the way people vote. Because of this, the voting process has been distorted to mean the way you vote could determine if you’re a socialist, communist, or capitalist.

The value of the American vote should be priceless and more valuable then the votes of other countries. What happened to that key process? The American vote has been morphed into a gambling tactic hoping for luck on a candidate to make things happen and move on to the next agenda item. Voting for a person with no realistic perspective of past performance in the hope things will change has never worked. Most voters operate on keeping their fingers crossed when they vote for someone without research. They hope others will do it for them.  The reality is those same voters are not aware of how much information those researchers may offer.

Most voters truly believe in words such as integrity, family values, future stability, life longevity, and a believe in God. Most politicians don’t want to address these topics head-on due to the misperceptions on how they will respond. They believe the only way they can win is to stay quiet and succumb to groupthink. Most voters fear if politicians do address it head-on, they will be criticized for being involved in personal choices. In order to make a change that benefits everyone equally it is a matter of both personal and people involvement, many have forgotten this reality. 

Politicians have maintained a status quo movement for a very long time and has resulted the fruition of a society of haves and have nots. The relativity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all has transitioned to the political agenda of obtaining votes. Has our voting power degraded to such depths and value? The growth of the United States has been stagnant, refer to Wikipedia site for a simplified and understandable viewed: Outline of United States History.

It seems as if we are traveling back in time. In an age where we should be moving forward with innovative ideas to educate and enhance our livelihood, there’s a wall being constructed around the U.S. border like it’s some great investment of capital. Did this really work for Germany during the Cold War? Billions of American dollars are going down the drain and there’s no words that make it sound like a beautiful project. Wouldn’t it have been better to divert the funds to Social Security, medical-health services, and educational services with the same message of protecting our national security? Has anyone thought about how much would it cost for its future maintenance? [NPR]

Politicians find excuses for being supportive of our children’s educational system or supporting the financial upheavals of the working population. The retirement system requires some improvements for our elderly. Everyone knows our medical care system needs some innovative improvement. For starters it needs to be referred by its official name: The Affordable Care Act; make medical affordable for all. The support of our military to include the people who serve it needs some attention.  Most people see it as two different entities instead of being one of the same.

Things have not improved for people and their families. What has changed is the growth of fear and despair resulting in a national security crisis. It is time to learn from our U.S. history. If not, we will be doomed. U.S history is important. It should be kept in the forefront of our minds. It should be part of our decision to grow as country for the better. It should be part of our voting process. Educate yourself then Go Vote!

Levi’s voting commercial.